Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spotlight on PG Politics

The trial of former County Executive Jack Johnson came to end today with him pleading guilty to bribery charges. The guilty plea brings to the end a saga which made national news for its absurdity. In a federal probe agents confronted the former executive at this office after he was given cash. Johnson suggested the money was for his going away party.

He would call his wife Leslie and tell her to tear up a another check and hide nearly 80k in her bra. Authorities knew all this because they had wire tapped the chief executive's phones. Ms. Johnson had just been elected to the Prince Georges County Board. Following her arrested she was stripped of most her powers. Ms. Johnson's case has been postponed.

LT. OFF THE Market

Lieutenant Governor Antony Brown will not be getting a call from the reality TV Show the "Bachelor." Brown who has divorced his wife is engaged to Karman B. Walker. Ms. Walker is the widow of former Cpl. Anthony Walker, who died in a 2003 car accident (FOP President).

I find it very courious, of those who are consider a possible run for Governor of Maryland, his name keeps coming up. Shhh!!! don't remind him no LT. Governor has ever become the state's chief executive. There is a reason why. Check out the duties of the LT. Governor.

Maryland Constitution:

Section 1A. Office of Lieutenant Governor created; duties; qualifications.

There shall be a Lieutenant Governor, who shall have only the duties delegated to him by the Governor and shall have such compensation as the General Assembly shall provide by law, except that beginning in the year 1978 the salary of the Lieutenant Governor shall be as provided under Section 21A of this Article. No person who is ineligible under this Constitution to be elected Governor shall be eligible to hold the office of Lieutenant Governor.

[1970, ch. 532, ratified Nov. 3, 1970; 1976, ch. 543, ratified Nov. 2, 1976.]