Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Ten Maryland Stories 2013

(Baltimore, MD) - A lot items on this list I've written about on this blog. Other items came up and I just couldn't turn my head away. I want to thank all of my colleagues who are literally on the ground chasing the facts, the comings and goings, and the ridiculousness of some items. 
As we embark on the New Year things will get interesting and I'll try and add a little insight on why. Keep reading and passing along.

10. The re-emergence of Julius Henson as a candidate for State Senate. Henson’s checkered past has not thwarted him (found guilty of not identifying  the origin of robo call on behalf of candidate Governor Robert Erhlich) . Some analysts say he has a better than average chance to win.

9.  Gay Marriage – At the beginning of 2013 same sex couples were legally allowed to be married. The coalition which enabled it move ahead has flexed its muscle establishing precedent by tightening gun regulations and giving the governor a win on help cleaning up the bay.

8. I’ve had Enough – Del. Pat McDonough stopped me on the last day of the legislature and told me more than half of the House of Delegates was going to change. So what has that meant? New leadership in the GOP, conservative Democrats leaving, challenges to Senators with years of experience, and  potentially a resistive legislative session. A number of members of the legislature are also seeking high office.

7. MD GOP Coup De Tat- There has been a schism that has been brewing in the Maryland GOP. 
It showed its head on the Eastern Shore with the appointment for Senator E.J Pipken’s seat. It went full bore with Calvert County Delegate Anthony O’Donnell ousted as Minority Leader and replaced by Anne Arundel County Delegate Nicholaus Kipke. It continued with Larry Hogan, Founder of Change Maryland deciding to contest Harford County Executive David Craig as the standard bearer for the GOP in the Governor’s race. Did I mention Dan Bongino a candidate for congress wants nothing to do with this group.

6. 300 Man March – This summer Baltimore became a killing field. Over a single weekend 20 residents were hit by gunfire.  In reaction a March was organized to dramatize this violence had to stop. I broadcast live from the corner of North Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenues with Doni Glover of We may report news but, we are not immune from it’s affects.

5. Don Dwyer – Dwyer, a Delegate from Anne Arundel County, was under investigation for driving a boat under the influence (his boat slammed into another). This year he was also charged for DUI in his own vehicle. He was found guilty on the boating charge and is serving weekends for the offense. He plans to attend the legislative session (there is a move afoot to have him removed). I know he needs professional help.

4.  The Black Guerrilla Family – If there was a “Wire” sequel it should be based around this takeover of the  Baltimore City Jail by inmates. Despite being incarcerated the inmates were running the facility. A federal probe indicted 48 suspects most them corrections officers.,0,7483161.htmlstory
Tavon White and Derius Ducan
The leader of the prison gang Tavon White impregnated four female guards (and one of them twice). This indictment and the subsequent convictions forced Gary Maynard the head the corrections system to leave.

3. Taxes – It’s not a secret in the state, we are taxed to the hilt. It used to be you could just raise fees, but those fees wouldn’t make a dent in the state’s structural deficit. Not to mention how to pay for some ambitious programs the governor wants to implement. Add to this a tax to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, commonly known as the “rain tax.” I’m not in the prediction business but, would tax relief work if you’re running for let’s say, President of the United States?

2. Rollout of Maryland Healthcare Website – depending who you ask it’s working well, it’s had some hiccups, it’s a work in progress, and yes we’ve had problems. Each week I get an update on the numbers of Maryland sign-ups. Let me say Maryland was supposed to be model for the rest of the country. It’s anything but that. The person in charge of the rollout, Lt. Governor Anthony Brown has been quiet accept for official pronouncements like this; “We’re fixing the problems.” To the rescue, Governor O’Malley. With charts and power points he couldn’t explain away the problems.  You’ll hear a lot more about this during the session.

1. The Maryland Governor’s Race – with no incumbent this race was expected to be wide open.  It will be historic because for the first time an African-American has a legitimate chance to lead the state. We are long way from the finish line and there will be a lot of twist and turns. We have a number of first, the first openly gay candidate (D – Heather Mizeur): a candidate who has used social media to build a following (R- Larry Hogan). Here’s the rest of the field  D-Doug Gansler, R-David Craig, R-Ron George, and R-Charles Lollar. The primary is early this year, June 24, 2014.

It was brought to my attention the removal of John Leopold as Anne Arundel County was not on my list. It was a very difficult to fit everything in. Another item Gambling was also not included. It's the nature of the beast. So many items not enough space. I do want to let you know I will be announcing my person of the year on Donnie Glover's Show on WPB Radio on Thursday, 5-7 pm.


  1. Thanks Charles, I needed this. Great job.

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