Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lt. Governor Gets Pulled Into Instate Tuition Debate

Annapolis - The Senate has sent the instate tuition bill to the house. It came with some rancorous debate. A twist on the final outcome may weigh on who was and could be affected. My good friend Len Lazarick conducted a question and answer before United Seniors on Wednesday where Maryland Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown was the guest. During the session he was asked about instate tuition for undocumented workers children. "It's personal." The Lieutenant Governor explains his grandmothers move to the United State. Take a look in the Annapolitics Blog.

The Lt. Governor responded on his facebook page. I'll have this part of the story in my Maryland Public Television piece. Here's his quote.

"I appreciate taking an interest in my family’s story, but their headline doesn’t capture the point. My grandmother's journey shows that our country has a great deal to gain by embracing new Americans. Because her son, my father, received an education, he was able to give back and contribute to his adopted country and instill the same sense of service in his children. That is why the MD DREAM Act matters and why it will lead to a brighter future for all Marylanders."

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