Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Grasmick Out as Superindent

(Annapolis) - As word spread of Dr. Nancy Grasmick's departure as Maryland's School Superintendent questions swirled as to why? What was even more evident was her impact on schools in the state. When she arrived as a part of the Governor William Donald Schaffer's administration machine, education was not a priority. There were pockets of excellence, but there was very little coordination. According to Dr. Grasmick, "school systems knew the superintendent would come in one day and we could go back to what we were doing." It would change. As she boasted during her retirement announcement, "I can't stop getting up at 4:15 am, and drive 300 mi lies a day."
The superintendent has many first; she ushered in Maryland's own test for high school seniors to get a diploma; she help settle a legal dispute between the state and the city of Baltimore; she developed leadership academies in the various counties; her work with undeserved communities predates the introduction of "no child left behind;" and for the last two years Maryland has been named the top public school system in the nation.
For all her accolades she also laid bare her disappointments. Under her administration the number of drop outs has increased. She wishes she could have gotten more money for teachers. Lastly, she worries about technology and how its created cyber-bullies and the ability to talk via texting has removed human interaction. In the end she will have a legacy and there won't be a shortage of potential suitors who could use her expertise and saleswomanship.

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