Friday, April 1, 2011

The Roundtable with Liam Farrell

Annapolis - Over the years of covering the Maryland State Legislature the number of reporters who come and go is starting to add up. In my early days the press office in the state house would take pictures of the various reporters. The practice has stopped and to everyone's detriment. There is no recording of those who chronicled the government operations of the state. The Press Corp in Annapolis has resorted to taking a class picture which has served as our marker of who was here.

When one of us leaves it is both sad and joyous. Today's installment features one of my favorite print reporters, Liam Farrell of the Capital Newspaper. When he arrived he got it instantly. He delved into what was happening and chronicled it in the Annapolis official newspaper. Here's our take on the next to last week of the session.

To my friend good luck...or should I say, "I hope Irish eyes will smile upon you."

To See our conversation click here.

Last Minute Update

The governors press secretary confirms former Maryland Governor William Donald Schaefer has been hospitalized for pneumonia. The former governors health has not been good for almost a year.

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