Friday, February 4, 2011

End of Week Politics in Annapolis

Annapolis - There are couple of items that caught my attention this week one involves the Department of Natural Resources haul of 20,000 pounds of "rock fish" from illegal gill nets that were anchored below the surface. The nets were found near Bloody Point Light, south of Kent Island in the Chesapeake Bay. In the Round table I said there was a $10,000 reward but its only $7000 reward. In lieu of this activity the gill net season has been closed.

For those wondering the fish was sold to the Maryland Wholesale Fish Market in Jessup, Maryland at market price(shouldn't it go at a lower price). The proceeds are put back into the DNR Police. Last year they able to purchase a radar.

Next week hearings on PEPCO, a Washington suburban utility will get a grilling and the contentious issue of Gay Marriage comes up.

Alan Brody of the Gazette has a excellent piece on taking slots out of the Maryland constitution. Several people suggested when it was originally proposed it should not be a part of a constitution because it would be difficult to change. Dahhhhh!!!!

The Herb and Lisa Show

When MPT decided to put Senator Lisa Gladden and Delegate Herb McMillan on the face off it became classic. The pair return and they are in rare form.You can catch their act on Maryland Public Television.

Also this week I have a story about higher education budget cuts which features Morgan State University President Dr. David Wilson.

Well it's what you've been waiting for the Roundtable. This week my guest is Nicholas Sohr of the Maryland Daily Record. He writes a blog called Eye on Annapolis.

Lastly, you can check out my appearance on Annapolis Week with Len Lazarick of Maryland

Till next week or when things break.

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