Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Same Sex Marriage

Annapolis - The hurdle for same sex marriage was in the Senate of Maryland. The bill had failed several times and the Senate President, Thomas V. "Mike" Miller has made no bones he doesn't like. Time takes it's toil on a lot of legislation. Conservative Democrats had been the bulwark. With a number of new Senators the tide changed and so did several Democratic senators.

The first to come around to the idea of allowing was Sen. James Brochin. Sen.Brochin was swayed by what he called vitriol from those against the measure. Coming from a swing district he made what some see is a calculation this vote would not hurt him.

The Sen. James Rosapepe from Prince George's and Anne Arundel Counties also changed his vote.

The debate was predictable with conservatives trying to add amendments which went no where. There was one change, the title of the bill. The term "Religious Freedom" was removed in an amendment. Here's the final tally of votes.

City vs. Poly Football Game

High School Football isn't what it use to be. One of the highlights for a number of teenagers is the annual City College versus Polytechnic Institute Football Game. I didn't attend either school but have friends who swear by the gridiron match up.

So it was slightly amusing when Delegate Jill Carter says she has bill which is causing fireworks because she wants the game played on Thanksgiving Day. House Bill 699 would revive the Turkey Day game. The school system changed the date so these two schools would be eligible for the statewide championships.

You not going to believe this but some in the Baltimore delegation believe it should stay where it is. Apparently, former University of Maryland and famed Dunbar coach Bob Wade spoke out against the bill. Is this a lot about nothing? Love to hear your thoughts.

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