Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Negro Mountain et al...

(Annapolis, MD) - The ability to frame a debate can often be curious. Such as the case involving a natural wonder in western Maryland, called Negro Mountain. To the uninitiated holding on to a name like this seems to relate to a different time. Some would even suggest a time which has come and gone. It's not like people didn't know this existed, in fact some people have posed in pictures with signage.

The story behind the name apparently relates to former slave who saved a group of White Frontiersmen. In honor of his heroic efforts they honored him by calling this scenic mountain, Negro Mountain.

Many of the attempts to change the name have often come from people outside of Western Maryland where it sits. The feds tried but were thwarted. State Senator Lisa Gladden from Baltimore has tried to unsuccessfully for a number of years to change the name.

This year however, she has also included another mountain name that some suggest is politically incorrect, Polish Mountain. Senate Joint Resolution 3 has nine sponsors. FYI, when this was brought to the floor of the house and the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus had not taken a position on the name change.

For Western Maryland delegates some suggest this is a bit much. Listen to the arguement Del. Kevin Kelly made to me in the Maryland State House.

The irony about his position, he's apparently been willing to battle any and all comers on this subject.

"What was I thinking"

There have always been people who want to stir the pot in Annapolis, enter Delegate Curt Anderson. Delegate Anderson (I don't know if he was joking or trying to balance a new caucus) announced he was joining the Tea Party Caucus in the the Maryland Legislature.

When news of his joining the caucus was discovered, there were gasps. There was even a suggestion he could be stripped of his seniority in the Judiciary Committee.

This only lasted a few days because according to sources who went to an open delegation caucus he received a tongue lashing from several high powered Democrats including Delegates Maggie McIntosh, and Melvin Stukes. Len Lazarick of Maryland says, all Del. Stukes could do is shake his head, "I'm disappointed."


  1. I know several of you are wondering the name of the guy who saved the white frontiersman was Nemesis. FYI, I spoke with Sen. Gladden and she has received a number vile phone messages.

  2. Okay the Maryland Senate says don't take away Hanson, let's add Tubman. Interesting compromise which does piss anybody off.